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World History Review

Mikaela Pearce Pd 1
Government where the power is in the hands of the people
What type of government did the Romans Found?
The blind poet who wrote the oddysey
The greek god Zeus became what almighty Roman God?
Direct, firsthand evidence
What was Hammurabi the king of?
A person who moves from place to place in search of food
Change from hunting and gathering to settlement, farming and domestication
A man in the Middle Ages who served his lord as a mounted soldier in armor
Where was Jesus Christ born?
What types of buildings in Egypt were dedicated to the dead?
The goddess of wisdom and war
Where did Rome get many ideas from and respect and admire this places accomplishments?
Roman women had many rights and duties but what was one thing they were not allowed to do?
Lowest class of the Middle Ages
Government where the power is in the hands of a small powerful elite group, usually business class
The religion of hebrews
Greek philosopher who founded the academy in Athens
What peninsula is Rome located on?
Who was Buddha?
After Julius Caesar died, what was the name of his grandnephew who took over?
Being picked on or bullied for religious or racial reasons or for thinking differently
The branch of government that makes laws
The belief of many gods
A union or association formed for mutual benefit usually between countries
The "I" in the “PERSIA” acronym stands for…
What was Beijing the capital of China also referred to as?
Spiritual leaders in jewish history who explained gods will
The Four Noble Truths were part of what religion?
What was the highest form of government in Rome?