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Ancient Greece

Wrote a History of the Peloponnesian War
A ruler who takes power illegally
A short story that usually involves animals and teaches a moral
The study of the basic truths and ideas about the universe
The first noted female mathematician
A government in which citizens make political decisions
A person who is loyal to and protected by a government
A narrow strip of land
Rule by the upper class
Ruler of the Greek gods
A military machine that threw stones at enemy forces
A written art form created by the Greeks
A ruler who built a vast empire east through Central Asia and brought about a cultural blending
Games held every four years
The war between Athens and Sparta that began in 431 B.C.
A building in Athens constructed for Athena
He wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey
An agreement to stop fighting
A city-state of ancient Greece
A culture that combined Greek, Persian, Egyptian, and Indian styles
A serious dramatic work invented by the Greeks
A long poem about ancient heroes
A city that with its surrounding territory forms and independent state
A drama that pokes fun at politics, people, and ideas of the day
The father of History
The highest mountain in Greece; gods were believed to have lived there
The transfer of goods and or services
A style of Greek art focusing on as perfect a form as possible
A city-state of ancient Greece
Land with water on three sides
An important Egyptian city and learning center founded by Alexander the Great
Rule by the few
Plato's brightest student
The "high city" part of Athens
One of Athens' greatest leaders
He taught through question-and-answer. This is now called the Socratic method.
One of Socrates' best students
A story that people tell to explain beliefs about their world