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John 9:1-41

This is who the Pharisees call to question if the man was indeed born blind. John 9:18-19
This is where Jesus told the man to wash John 9:7
What Jesus made to heal the Pharisee
This is what the Pharisees keep calling the man John 9:24
This is what that the blind man that was healed as the Pharisee in John 9:27 if the Pharisees wanted to be his......... too.
What song does this make you think of. I once was blind but now I see. See page 378 in your red hymnal
Jesus says that I have come to exercise______ John 9:39
The people who did not like the fact that Jesus healed the blind man.
This is what was wrong with the man that Jesus healed.
The blind man said this about Jesus in John 9:17