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____ the property for signs of a dog
The first step to ensure your safety is to recognize a dog's _____
____ your instincts
Evaluate the ___ for signs of a dog
Toot your ____ to attract attention
Don't forget to carry your ___ with you to the front door
Always make sure that you have 1 full can of dog repellent ___
One sign that a Dog is on the property is to listen for a ____
After recognizing a dog's behavior, you need to respond _____
A dog that wags its tail is showing signs of ___ Behavior
___ the area for obvious signs of dogs
Fill out Dog ____ ____ to protect yourself and other carriers delivering your route
Dogs provide hours of unconditional ___ and comfort
Be on the ____ when approaching a front door
A dog that wags its ____ is showing signs of Play Behavior
Be careful when an owner says, "She won't ___
Survey the area for obvious ___ of dogs (dogs barking, dog bowls, leashes, toys, etc).
Dogs may act aggressively because they are naturally ___ of their territory and their owners
Your best defensive is to be _____
If you are approached by an unfamiliar and unfriendly dog, ____, do not run
By looking at the dog's ___ _____, we can identify the behavior the dog is displaying
A dog that has its head up, ears are erect, and body is tense is exhibiting ___ behavior
____ is a dog's most important sense
As you approach the front door, --- out, "hello, letter carrier, I have a parcel".