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Dog Crossword

A wild animal who lives with humans has been __________.
A person who has integrity is __________.
Many scientists __________ that the first dogs appeared around 14,000 years ago.
There may be a 14,000-year __________ between the first dogs and all the dogs that exist today.
Nobody really knows where dogs were first __________.
The ancestors of modern dogs are wolves. These wolves were __________ away from caves by humans.
Very important
Ancient dog skeletons have been found at a number of archeological __________.
Today there are hundreds of breeds of dog. This is __________, since all dogs came from wolves.
It is difficult to __________ between the skeletons of wolves and ancient dogs.
It is easy for domesticated animals to __________ humans.
The CEO has the highest __________ in the company.
A husband and wife should show __________ to one another.
There were no dogs on Earth during the Paleolithic __________.
Wolves use ___________ strategies for hunting.
Rollercoasters give me a __________.
A soldier shows __________ to his/her commanding officer.
I saw a stray (homeless) dog __________ through the garbage.
Dogs are __________ to want human attention.
A house is one kind of __________