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Clouds that look like flying saucers
Vertically growing heaps of clouds that produce strong storms.
Clouds that form in a layer at lower altitudes.
Low-lying clouds at ground-level
The day to day changes in the earth's atmospheric conditions.
A front that occurs when a warm air mass and a cold air mass meet and both are moving very slowly, or not at all.
Measures wind speed
Measures the amount of rain
Measures wind speed and wind direction. Used most often at airports to help pilots know how to fly best.
Measures wind direction and often has a rooster on it.
Fair weather clouds that form in small heaps
Measures humidity
Latin word meaning precipitation
The effect that the Earth's rotation has on moving objects such as wind and storms.
Uses radio waves to determine and show the speed of clouds, storms, and precipitation.
The process of liquid turning into a gas.
Clouds that are formed by trails of condensation from airplane exhaust
Average number of minutes you have after a tornado warning is sounded before the tornado hits your area.
Measures air pressure
The average weather in a specific area over an extended period of time.
Clouds that form at high altitudes and are composed of ice crystals.