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Latin America History Review

aqueduct—pipe or channel designed to carry water to a distant source
he gave a famous speech called, “Cry of Dolores”
The ___ was a staple food (due to it being able to grow in the high altitudes of the Andes).
floating islands
settled in Cuzco, a village in the Andes Mountains (now in Peru).
born a slave in the mid-1700s.
was released from prision in 1955 after serving only two years
want to eliminate the division between the social classes in Chiapas
leader of Cuba in the 1900s
(unknowingly) introduced new diseases to Latin America.
leader of the Mexican Revolution
Europeans begin to steal Africans to work as ___ in the Americas.
The bath was an important part of daily life
Named after Christopher Columbus
allowed free trade between US, Canada, and Mexico.
Castro wanted to give all Cubans ___ and higher life expectancy.
Hidalgo is known as the “____ of Mexican Independence”.
has the worst rates of poverty in Mexico
called the “George Washington of South America”
changed life forever in the Americas