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Chapter 30 Amphibians

Order of amphibians that includes frogs and toads
An amphibian that has a tail, gills and is a herbivore
Organ that secretes nitrogenous waste
Pair of teeth on the top of the mouth - palate
Membrane used for hearing
The number of heart chambers in the frog.
Membrane also known as the 3rd eye lid.
Pupils used to see during the day light
A structure that surrounds human lungs and an amphibian lacks completely.
The type of reproductive style amphibians, when the male helps the female remove her eggs.
Order of amphibians that include newts and salamanders
Teeth on the upper jaw
An amphibian that breath through lungs or skin, no tail and is a carnivore
Pupils used to see at night
Internal tissue that holds internal organs tightly together
Internal structures that have a noodle-like appearance that protect the organs of the amphibian
Lower heart chamber of the frog
Pathway that leads to the stomach
Pathway to the lungs
The opening where the eggs exit the female frogs body
Right and left upper chambers of the amphibians heart.
Order of amphibians that includes caecilians