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Passover Puzzle #1

Book we follow at the Seder
Chad... (lamb in Aramaic, song about the lamb my father bought for two zuzim)
Passover, in Hebrew
Symbol to look for on labels for Passover kosher foods
skin disease
What some people add to the Seder Plate for Miriam and the women
Unleavened bread
The plague of the ... born
The first of the four children
The first plague
Rabbi who invented the special sandwich we eat during the Seder
The bad guy in the story
Greens, on Seder plate
Last bit of hidden matzah
It would have been enough!
Chicken.. with matzo balls, yum!
Bitter root
3.14 (not kosher for Passover)
The name of the Pesach meal
Jewish leader, title
The prophet who drinks from the fifth cup of wine
Important number in the Haggadah
The name, not the color, of the Sea that God parted for the Israelites
What we do twice