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Dog Breeds

Collective noun for a group of dogs
Hunting and gun dog
____ King Charles Spaniel
Breed favored by Queen Victoria
Shiba ____
Dog group that contains the Pomeranian and the Papillon
Breed named for a tax collector
Bichon ____
Irish, Springer, or Cocker
Pale, warm gray hue in terms of dog-coloring
English miniature greyhound breed
"Puffy Lion" breed from Northern China
Alaskan _____ (spitz dog)
The only terrier named for an American city
Kerry ___ Terrier
Breed associated with Winston Churchill
White snow dog bred to herd reindeer
Color of a Shar-Pei or Chow Chow tongue
Dog type associated with Huskies, Akitas, Samoyeds, etc.
Breed favored by Queen Elizabeth II
The King of Terriers
_____ Bear Dog (Finnish breed)
Terrier breed of "Moose" who played "Eddie" on "Frasier"
Chocolate ______
Marmaduke, for one
_____ Hound (breed thought to have originated in ancient Egypt)
Named for a state in Mexico
The smart Bowtie for your dog! ;)
Name comes from Low German word meaning "to splash about"
Breed featured prominently in Leo Tolstoy's "War and Peace"
Dogs thought to house the souls of reincarnated lamas in ancient Buddhist belief
Hunting dog bred in the northern mountains of Japan
Retriever named for a Canadian peninsula
"Chrysanthemum Dog" from Tibet
The name of Darwin's ship and Snoopy's breed.
Nickname for the West Highland White Terrier
Rough-coated or Border
Glen of ____ Terrier
Notable Cairn Terrier of cinema