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Baby Animals

A very young dog or seal.
A young male cow.
A cow that has not given birth.
A very young dog.
A young animal such as an elephant, whale, or cow.
A baby bird or animal that has just come out of an egg.
A young sheep.
A baby bird that has not learned to fly.
A young kangaroo, wallaby, or possum.
A young cow, deer, or horse that is between one and two years old.
A young goat.
A young male horse.
A group of baby cats, dogs, or other animals that are born at the same time.
A young bear, lion, fox, or wolf.
A chicken that is less than a year old.
The baby (or babies) of an animal.
A very young animal.
A baby that drinks milk from its mother
A young pig.
A young deer.
A young female horse.
A group of young birds with the same mother.
A young cat.
A baby bird.