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Teacher: Robert M. Richardson - Law Education
Positive consequence an element of society has for the maintenance of the social system.
Unintended and unrecognized consequence of some element of society.
The perspective that holds that societies evolve toward stability and perfection.
Negative consequence an element has for the stability of the social system.
Theoretical perspective that focuses on how individuals interact with one another in society.
General set of assumptions about the nature of phenomena. In the case of sociology, it outlines certain assumptions about the nature of social life.
Interaction between people that takes place through the use of symbols.
Systematic explanation of the relationship among phenomena.
Anything that stands for something else and has a shared meaning attached to it. Language, gestures, images, sounds, physical objects, events, and elements of the natural world can serve as symbols as long as people recognize that they convey a particular meaning.
Theoretical perspective that views society as a set of interrelated parts that work together to produce a stable social system.
Theoretical perspective that focuses on those forces in society that promote competition and change.
Empathetic understanding of the meanings others attach to their actions.
Intended and recognized consequence of some element of society.
Description of the essential characteristics of some aspect of society.