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History of Rock n' Roll

Who was the "white boy who sang Black music"
In Africa music played an important role in daily _______ life.
______ brought the music with them to America.
The first blues singers wandered around singing about their lives and _______
Rock n Roll uses _________ equipment.
Songs were used during work for ________
What decade began with rhythm and blues listened to by African Americans?
Rhythm and blues had an _______ sound.
Songs kept a kind of ________ history instead of writing it in books.
Alan Freed was disgraced for taking _______ to play music.
Rock n Roll music is ____( loud/soft)
The musical form used in Blues was _______ bar blues.
Rock n Roll music is _______ and cheerful.
Rhythm and blues records were listened to mainly by ___________ Americans.
Blues lyrics are simple and _________
Who was the disc jockey that introduced rhythm and blues to the white radio audience?
Many parents claimed Rock n' Roll was an ____ influence on youth.
Rock n Roll has easy to sing ______
Rock n Roll can be traced back to _____________