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Secret Life of Bees

The color Lily describes the house as. (pg 64)
What Lily wants to be when she grows up.
The song May hums.
Lily's father.
May, June, and August's last name.
One of August's sisters. Plays the cello and did not like Rosaleen and Lily being at their house at first.
The name of the group that comes to August's house on Sundays.
The state Lily lies that she is going to.
The celebration everyone is preparing for in Chapter 11.
A statue of this person is in the parlor of August, June, and May's home. They pray to her.
Takes care of Lily. Got arrested at the beginning of the book for pouring snuff juice on people's shoes.
Lily's hometown.
Lily lost this person when she was four.
The name of August's god-son and Lily's love interest. (First and last name)
May built this in the backyard. She goes there to put pieces of papers with people's names on it.
The state this book takes place.
The town Lily and Rosaleen run away to.
August's profession.
Lily found the picture her mother left of the Black Mary on this.
The main character of this book. She is looking for evidence of her mother. (First and Last Name)
This character had a twin. She hums a song when she gets upset.
A beekeeper, takes in Lily and Rosaleen when they show up at her doorstep.
This character was May's twin. She died when she was 15.