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Ch. 15 Biomedical Anthropology

Chimpanzee pelves are____relative to neonatal brain size
Despite cross-cultural evidence that anorexia is not limited to Western cultures, the ____is shaped by the Western cultural concerns with obesity, thinness, and weight loss.
Native peoples of the New World after 1492 with the arrival of European explorers and colonists were devastated by ___
____is one of two factors within biomedical anthropological understanding
Introduction of ___ was the first epidemiological transition
One of two factors for understanding biomedical anthropology
Quantitative study of the occurrence and cause of disease in populations
Term for all deaths during a calendar year divided by population at midyear, x 1,000=deaths per 1,000
First stage of human growth or gestational is___
Mature most gradually in humans
Example of organisms that can cause disease
Studies show that early menarche and obesity confer increased risk of developing ___in females
The age-related decline in physiological or behavioral function in adult organisms
What is a familiar example of infection and arms races?
Abbreviation for a condition seen in children that results from excessive drinking of alcohol by the mother during pregnancy
Compared to a chimpanzee, the human newborn has relatively ___room to spare as it passed through the birth canal
What is one of the most common and deadly infectious diseases?
The S-curve in the human vertebral column--a result of the evolution of bipedality makes us susceptible to back injury and pain--is referred to as a ____
Term for onset of a girl's first menstrual period
Throughout the industrial world from 1850s to 1970s, there has been a ____in age of a girl's first menstrual period
Subfield of biological anthropology concerned with issues of health and illness
An illness in which self-starvation leads to a person failing to maintain minimal normal body weight for fear of weight gain
---and head mature most rapidly in humans
___rate is number of new occurrences of a disease over a given period of time divided by the population size
Substances that cause birth defects or abnormal development of the fetus are known as ___
___is the third stage of human growth
The most basic epidemiological statistic is the ___ of disease per 1,000 individuals