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Fish, Reptiles, & Amphibians

The Whale Shark is the _____ fish.
The male has a brooding pouch.
This reptile can rotate its eyes 360 degrees.
The Lion Fish has one that will stretch to 3x its normal size!
Like Boas and Pythons, the Grass Snake is a ______.
The Girdled Lizard has a _____ defense.
This fish can swim at 97 km/hr!
Zoos around the world must pay money to this country for the right to have a Giant Panda.
Favorite food of the Flashlight Fish.
This type of Salamander can run at 10 mph.
This fish eats dried, flake fish food.
The Jaragua Saphaero Gecko is the _____ known reptile.
The main ingredient of the Trumpet Fish diet.
The Mangrove Snake is mildly _____.
Who is warned by the bright coloring of the Poison Dart Frog?
This animal is endangered.
This reptile has a fake head on its neck.
In what type of forest would you find a Yellow Spotted Fire Salamander?
There are 30-60 species of this type of fish.