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New Mexico Stuff

Indian ___________ Schools
The animal that was used to make felt hats
Payment or gift given to show respect
He led the expedition to find the 7 cities of Cibola
State Bird
Treaty of Guadalupe _________. Ended the Mexican American War.
Last name of the officer who killed Billy the Kid
Disloyalty to one's own country
Belief in many gods
The disease that made people move to New Mexico
Belief that it was the god-given right of the US to own all land from Atlantic to Pacific. (2 words)
Means "the people"
Belief that the needs of one's own region outweighs the needs of a nation as a whole
Person who feels deep sorrow for their sins
In charge of the executive branch
Spaniards born in Spain
Person who settles on unoccupied land
Town that springs up quickly around a single industry
Bullying people because of their race, religion, or political views.
The Indian pueblo that rebelled against the Spanish in December 1598
State Flower
Person who supported voting rights for women
Oval shaped hut used by Apache
Spaniards born in New Spain
The president that gave New Mexico its western border
Last name of the man who would only hire women to run his restaurants on the railroad
The name of the man whose handshake delayed New Mexico's statehood
Small piece of land purchased after the Mexican-American War for $10 million. ________ Purchase.
President who signed New Mexico into statehood
The most significant Civil war battle fought in New Mexico (2 words)
Give formal approval of
To absorb or conform to the customs and attitudes of a particular group
Big piece of land bought from the french that doubled the size of the United states in 1803. ___________ Purchase.
Belief in one god
Region that is governed by the federal government
To add or join with
State Gem
Form of Navajo housing