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Science: Earth, Weather, Magnetism

Movement of weather rock material from one location to another.
The process by which eroded earth materials settle out in a new place
Part of a light bulb that gets hot and produces light
Change of energy from one form to another. such as light to heat
When magnets pull together
The layer of air around Earth
Term use to describe the breakdown of rock into smaller pieces.
The force applied in all directions by the air in Earth's atmosphere
Rock exposed to chemicals in water or air turn into new substances.
A complete circuit through which electricity flows.
An educated guess based on data or previous experience
Large, nearly level area that has been lifted above the surrounding area.
An incomplete circuit through which electricity will not flow
Shape of Earth's surface like delta or canyon
Shaking of land caused by movement of large blocks of underground rock along cracks called faults.
Material that prevents the flow of electricity.
A push or pull
Force or push cause by moving molecules
Break down of rock without changing into something new
When magnets push apart
Energy from the Sun
A circuit with two or more pathways before coming together at the battery
A piece of iron that behaves like a magnet when it is touching a permanent magnet.
Break down of rock by the crashing, bumping, and rubbing.
A substance through which electricity will flow
Opening in Earth's crust through which lava and ash come to the surface.
A form of physical weathering cause by ice.