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Revolutionary War Vocabulary

Teacher: Taking Flight to Higher Heights
a person who supported the British cause, a loyalist
freedom (from an authority)
killing of a large number of people
German soldiers hired by the British
goods sent out of a country for trade
information used to promote a point of view
American colonist who favored freedom from British rule
a tax on imported goods
a representative
acting to overthrow one's government
communication by exchanging written messages
people or groups that join together for a common goal
refuse to buy or use goods as a means of protest
a formal statement or announcement
to cancel or reverse a law
those killed or injured in war
militia who volunteered to be ready for service at a moment’s notice
a person with the responsibility of carrying and delivering documents
cruel use of power
a person who resists the government or ruler of his country
a complaint, formal objection
trade goods brought into a country
to give someone lodging (a place to stay)
legislative body of lawmakers in England
unacceptable & impossible to bear
blade fitted onto a rifle for close battle
a person chosen to speak on a groups’ behalf
to withdraw formally from a political union
American colonist who supported England and its king
civilian army
money paid to the government