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Causes of American Revolution

Leader of the daughters of liberty
Legislative body in England that makes laws for England
Tax on legal documents or anything that required printing.
Port city that was given to Spain as part of the treaty of paris.
Law that forced colonist to unless purchase tea from the Indian company
Group of mountains used as an imaginary line to prohibit colonist from going west of the Appalachian Mountains
Slogan used for the Albany Plan of Union
Group who protested by boycotting and making their own goods at home.
Soldiers staying in a person house without their consent
Tax on small items such as lead, glass, ink, etc.
Plan that was meant to unite the 13 colonies
Agreement that ended the French and Indian War.
King of England that imposed taxes on the colonies
Incident that killed 5 colonist and was used as propaganda to persuade colonist to separate from England.
War between England and France over the Ohio River Valley and fur trading.
Leader and founder of the Letters of Correspondence and the sons of liberty
Law that prohibited colonist from going west of the Appalachian Mountains.
Economic dispute that led to the French and Indian war
4 punishments impose on Boston as punishment for the Boston tea party in 1773
Tax on sugar and molasses, first tax imposed on the colonies to pay for the debt.