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US History

Tax on printed materials; issued by King George III
____________Proclamation, issued by Lincoln to free the Slaves in the Confederacy
Supreme Court can declare a law unconstitutional
Presidential power to reject a bill (law)
Founder of Pennsylvania, Quaker
Type of government established in the colonies
To protest
Supporters of ratification of the Constitution
Monroe _________; Europe cannot colonize in W. Hemisphere
___________ordinance; process by which states can be added
Secretary of Treasury; established first National Bank
Sense of pride in ones country
1607; founded for economic reasons
The Great Compromiser
From Sea to Shining Sea
Religious group; wanted to separate from the Anglican Church
Branch that interprets the law
_________Compact, signed in 1620 by Pilgrims
Change to the constitution; to ensure future flexibility
_________ crisis; South Carolina threatens to secede over tariff
Wrote the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, 1639
Not picking sides
Rights that cannot be taken away; you are born with them
Period after the Civil War; rebuilding of the South
Party of Andrew Jackson
Free state in 1850; Gold Rush
S. Carolina Senator & Jackson's VP, involved in Nullification Crisis