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Earth's History

Teacher: Mr. Prussman
the physical action of scraping,rubbing,grinding, or wearing away of rock surfaces
A mass of igneous formed when magma squeezes into existing rock and cools.
the shape that settles the slowest in deposition in quiet water
an oval mound deposited by a glacier which indicates the direction in which it advanced.
the principle that infers that the bottom layer is the oldest.
a crack in a mass of rock along which there is movement, shifting or displacement on each side of the crack.
the collision of lithospheric plates.
The angle of a celestial object above the horizon; usually expressed in degrees.
A sheet-like mineral deposit that is younger the rocks into which it intrudes.
a mass of igneous rock formed by solidification of lava on earth's surface.
Type of dating which involves the determination of absolute age using half-life.
a mountain range in the middle of the ocean