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Weather and Atmosphere

Name: __________________________________
Caused by uneven heating of land and water which causes a rising and sinking of warm and cool air masses creating convection currents
Water changing from liquid to solid
Measures air pressure
Atmospheric layer where weather happens; temperature decreases with altitude
Winds always move from ______ to low pressure.
Atmospheric layer that includes the ozone layer; temp increases with altitude
large section of lower troposphere with same weather throughout
form over equator in ocean; strong winds, heavy rain, big waves, flooding
actual amount of water vapor to max amount air can hold
This gas only accounts for .04% of the atmosphere
natural disturbances involving air pressure, clouds, precipitation and strong winds
Water changing from solid to liquid
Atmospheric layer where meteors burn up; temp decreases with altitude
Clouds with high altitude, cold
Water vapor changes to liquid
cumulus becomes cumulonimbus due to rising air; strong winds and heavy rain
Our atmosphere is made up of 78% ___________
Air quality is monitored by the EPA or Environmental _______ Agency
Air pressure __________ as altitude increases
temperature, precipitation, humidity, air pressure, and wind
This system brings clear and dry weather
funnel cloud produced by severe thunderstorms; extremely low pressure
overflowing of large amounts of water beyond its normal confines, especially over what is normally dry land
Atmospheric layer that leads into exosphere and outer space; pressure decreases and temperature increases with altitude
Who predicts the weather
Water changing from liquid to gas
earth’s rotation influences wind
Mixture of gases above Earth's surface.
weight of earth’s atmosphere/air pressing down on the surface
Clouds: low, neutral
Clouds: low, layered; drizzle
Average temperature, precipitation, humidity, air pressure, and wind over time in a particular place
21% of the atmosphere consists of this gas