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Featured Creatures

An extinct, flightless bird that might have weighed up to 40 pounds! (HELLO, MR. _____ by Nicholas John Frith)
This creature's tail can grow to be as long as its body...better watch out for those cat paws! (BE QUIET! by Ryan T. Higgins)
One of their claws can exert pressure of up to 100 pounds per square inch (plural).(THERE MIGHT BE _______ by Carolyn Crimi)
This dog can run up to 45 miles per hour! (A ______, A GROUNDHOG by Emily Jenkins
This bird builds nests out of sticks that can be up to three feet wide! (THE _____ OF THE CASTLE by Danna Smith)
The _____ is one of the slowest creatures on Earth. The ones you see in your garden only reach speeds of about 150 feet per hour! (ESCARGOT by Dashka Slater)
This small mammal is often considered a garden pest for the holes and tunnels it digs. Just one of these animals can eat over 50 pounds of worms in a year! (MORRIS _____ by Dan Yaccarino)
A Sea ______ can use small rocks like a tool to pry shellfish from rocks or hammer them open. (PUP THE SEA _____ by Jonathan London)
This small fish's name actually means "tooth fish" in the language of the Tupi people. The Black ______ has the strongest bite force recorded for bony fish. (SAMSON, THE _______ WHO WENT TO DINNER by Tadgh Bentley)
This animal only has two letters in its name, but to make it plural, you'll need to add 2 more letters: -en. (XO, ____: A LOVE STORY by Adam Rex)
This animal's big heart (27 to 46 pounds!) isn't just literal; an _________ expresses love by wrapping its trunk around another in a "hug" (THIRSTY, THIRSTY ______ by Sandra Markle)
A member of the dog family, this mammal has many similarities to a cat, including partially retractable claws. (PANDORA by Victoria Turnbull)