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History Review - Extra Credit

Teacher: Bradford
A plan to loan money to Europe after World War II to help rebuild their destroyed economy
This invention actually lead to mass conformity of the American culture as every one watched "I Love Lucy".
With the launch of this satellite the Soviet Union was the first to do this
When African Americans left the south giving up their sharecropping jobs to take factory jobs in the north
Buying as much as you can, much of it on credit
Many children were born after WWII
New term used to describe where workers migrated to to seek defense industry and aerospace jobs
Word used to describe Eisenhower's policy of keeping communism out of the Middle East
The fear of communism in the United States just after Worl War I (1917-1919)
Spies accused of selling nuclear secrets to the Russians
Passed after WWII to provide free education to returning soldiers
First book published on the raing of children in the 1950's
These places were hardest hit when people moved to the suburbs and the tax base of these places declined dramatically
You work in this sector if you are a computer technician
A law that outlawed a closed shop-just hiring union members is not legal
You work in this sector if you are a waiter or work as a grocery bagger
This policy sought to end indian tribal government under Eisenhower
This federal construction created many jobs and I-95 takes it name from this
This party seeks low taxes for the middle and lower class and higher taxes for the wealthy
Fear of Communism after World War II (1941-1946)
This measures how well a person works on his or her job
This president served during the Great Depression (1929 - 1939)
This phrase refers to the decline of the northern states because of the mass migration of people to the south
Promotes Big Business and limited involvement of the government in individual's private lives
Truman's name for his Presidential program that included the first attempt to have national healthcare