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Weather and Atmosphere

90 degrees below the equator
Air that moves from high to low pressure
A scale to measure temperature. 0 is the freezing point of water
A scale to measure temperature, 32 is the freezing point of water
A general word used for gases and other particles in the atmosphere
The line underneath the equator at 23.5 degrees
Point where air becomes liquid and creates condensation.
What you see outside, everyday it is at least a little bit different
The line above the equator at 23.5 degrees
The study of the atmosphere and the weather
Suspended water and/or ice particles in the air
90 degrees above the equator
Water vapor that condensates when it reaches the ground
What you expect
The effect where warm air from the sun gets trapped and circulates
3 month periods of a certain type of climate
The air around the Earth
A way to measure mass based off of heat energy
Chemical-filled air that can harm the atmosphere
Clouds that are close to the ground