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8th Church History Test Review

a false teaching that rejects a truth that has been revealed by God and taught by the Church
a meeting of all the bishops of the universal Church
a religious movement, unintentionally begun by Martin Luther in 1517, wherein several people separated themselves from the Catholic Church and founded their own Christian churches
uneducated, pagan tribes that invaded Europe during the fifth century and contributed of the Fall of the Roman Empire
a heresy which taught that Jesus was two persons
a papal encyclical written by Pope Leo XIII addressing the rights of workers
A person who believes and teaches something that rejects a truth that has been revealed by God and taught byt the Church
the separation of most of the Eastern churches from the Western Church and the authority of the Bishop of Rome in A.D. 1054
great work of St. Thomas Aquinas that explains the Catholic faith
a heresy which taught that Jesus was not God
an ecumenical council called by Pope St. John XXIII in 1962 which renewed the life and mission of the Church.
a person in the early Church who explained the faith and defended it against heresy through letters, homilies, and books
a meeting of bishops to address a certain issue
a man who lives a life of prayer in community with other monks and takes vows like poverty, chastity, and obedience