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American Revolution Crossword- Sam Ligorner

Francis Merion's nickname is the "Swamp ___."
An American colonist who supported Great Britain was a...
The Treaty of ______ gave land west of the Appalachians to the United States and Florida back to Spain.
The ______ Confederacy had bad times after the war ended.
The Patriots' winter camp
An American sea captain named _______ defeated the British warship Serapis
Mary Ludwig Hays is also know as...
A person who measures land
George Rogers Clark captured many forts in the Ohio River Valley, including this one.
Occording to the Second Treaty of Fort ______, the Iroquois Confederacy lost all their land in the Ohio River Valley
There were two battles of Freeman's _____.
A German mercenary who fought for Great Britain was also called a...
Someone who supported American independence is a...
The Treaty of _____ convinced France to support America
British commander who lost the last battle of the war for Britain.
The Patriots' capital
A city in New York where the United States won a battle over Britain.
George Washington's wife
British General William Howe won control over Princeton, _____, and other New Jersey towns.
A town in Virginia where the last battle of the war occurred.
The country that joined the American side late in the war.