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U.S. History Unit 4 Crossword Puzzle

The application of technology solving problems affecting living organisms
Lack of understanding and communication between older and younger members of society
Certificates or other documents that can be used as money
High inflation combined with stagnant economic growth and unemployment
Movement that upheld values different from those mainstream
A person who tends to supports government intervention to help the needy and favors laws of women and minorities
Political system of strict segregation by race in South Africa
Theory that women and men should have political, social, and economical equality
Accusation against a public official wrong doing in office
Reduction or removal of government controls over an industry
A computer network that links people around the world
To take away or rid oneself of
Small communities where people share resources
Americans who supported Nixon's polices but chose not to express it
Process by which national economics, politics, societies mixed around the world
Basic rights automatically held by every human being
Person who tends to support limited government involvement in the economy
Official forgiveness of a crime and its punishment
General pardon for certain crimes
A disease with no known cure that attacks immune system