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Civil War In Florida

Relating to ordinary citizens and their concerns.
Setting someone free.
Pres. Lincoln's speech in 1863 in memory of the Union soldiers.
A proposal made in 1846 that prohibited slavery in the territory added to the United States.
Confederate Army surrendered in this place at Appomattox.
A secret network of free blacks and whites who helped thousands of slaves escape to freedom.
Moved to another place to escape suffering, danger, or persecution
The plan to defeat the Confederacy.
A battle in 1863 where the Union gained control of Mississippi. Grant took lead of the Union Army.
States cannot deny anyone the right to vote. 1870
He built the first big hotel in Florida. He also helped to connect railroads to bring in guests from New York.
People who flee or escape.
Takes the law into their own hands.
The side which voted to leave the Federal Government.
Slave who led the rebellion which took place in Virginia in 1831.
Amendment which outlawed slavery. Jan. 31, 1865
A campaign of brutal clashes between Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee's armies in Virginia. Grant captured Richmond.
Person in favor of ending slavery.
A war between opposing groups from the same country.
The side which remained loyal to the Federal Government.