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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Sea Birds, Reptiles, Mammals

Seals and sea lions belong to this class
True or False- Sea turtles can retract their heads into their shells
This penguin lives at the Equator
Sea Otters wrap themselves in this when resting
Feathers and blubber provide this for marine birds
Scales prevent reptiles from losing this
Amniotic eggs laid by birds and reptiles protect them from this
Another name for warm blooded animals like birds and mammals
This type of bird excretes excess salt through it's beak
Whales are classified in this class
This type of whale is a filter feeder
Pole where penguins are found
Which seabird is a bully that takes food away from other birds?
Term for giving birth to live young. ex: dolphins
This is the percentage of turtle hatchlings that survive to adulthood
These helped marine mammals evolve successfully by preventing water loss
The fur of a polar bear looks like this
Cold blooded animals like reptiles are said to be this
This adaptation allows whales and dolphins to expel air
Polar bears live in this pole
Turtles give birth this way
Have a 3 chambered heart
Sirenians include this type of herbivorous animal
Sea snakes breath using these
What adaptation does a sea snake have to kill it's prey?