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"A loud clap of thunder woke me from my _______."
"I jumped up crying, 'Do not _____ them.'"
Very colorful birds that were naturally found (native to) the island of Hispaniola where the Taino people lived.
The leader of the Spanish strangers.
"But it is our ____ to welcome strangers." Hint: One of the Taino's traditions.
Slipped Away
Sharp silver stick that bit his palm.
It was a custom of the Taino people to share gifts and a ______, or a fancy meal, with visitors.
After he jumped off the strangers' boat, he swam to the ______.
His warning dream of ships with giant white teeth, which were actually _______.
"They _____ all that the strangers had brought: the silver spear..."
"Three of them ______ before their chief and pushed sticks (flagpoles) into the sand."
"Round pools to hold in the hand that gave a man back his face."
When the Taino people _____ the Spaniards, they struggled to understand each other's different culture and language.
"the hollow shells with tongues that sang chunga-chunga."
"The _______ made a funny noise with his mouth, not like talking but like the barking of a yellow dog."
"Darts that sprang from sticks with a sound like thunder that could kill a parrot many paces away."
Infer the emotion from this sentence, (page 15): "The sky strangers touched our golden nose rings and golden arm bands but not the flesh of our faces or arms."
"May it be a ______ to all the children and all the people in every land."
A carved stone that represents a spirit of the Taino's religion. (Hint: Cultural Background)