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The Secret Life of Bees Crossword

The city where Lily and Rosaleen flee to
Who was the President of the United States in 1964?
How old is Lily?
What can be used for eating, healing cuts and bruises, and putting in hair?
What religion were most people in South Carolina?
What color is the Boatwright house?
The leader of the Boatwright sisters
Boatwright sister who didn't like Lily at first
The statue of Mary worshipped by the Boatwright sisters
Where is Lily from?
Lily's father punishes her by making her kneel on dry...
What does Lily sell for her father?
Lily's birth mother who died when she was 4
The main theme is of the importance of...
The kindest, most unusual and empathetic Boatwright sister
Rosaleen's spit jar
The sisters' religion where they worshipped "Our Lady of Chains"
Type of honey the Boatwright sisters made
Law passed in 1964 that declared racial equality
Author of the novel
Where does Rosaleen get attacked?
Lily's love interest
Lily's housekeeper and stand-in mother
Rosaleen registers to...
What does Lily see in her walls?