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This agent adds hydrogen to a chemical compound, EX haircolor
This reaction can release a certain amount of heat
Aluminum foil is an example of this
Cannot be broken down without a loss of identity
______Chemistry do not contain carbon, but may contain the element hydrogen
These properties can only be determined by a reaction and change
An inorganic substance
Aka "redox", this reaction takes place at the same time
Definite volume,takes shape of container, shampoo
No charge and protons determines the element
This moves around the nucleus
Atmospheric _____ make up the air you breathe
You can boil it, freeze it, drink it
This physical combination of matter in any proportion
This oxidizing____is a substance that releases oxygen
An organic substance
These are 3 physical forms
Science that deals with composition and structure
2 or more atoms of different elements ex. table salt
2 or more atoms in a fixed proportion
Production of heat and light, lighting a match
This product is designed to help remove unwanted hair
Basic unit of matter with a nucleus
This change occurs when nail polish is applied on the nails
No fixed volume or shape, hairspray
Has a fixed shape, a brush
Properties that can be determined w/out a chemical reaction
Matter is made from this
Has a positive charge
This molecule contains 2 or more atoms of the same element in fixed proportions
This type of chemistry contain the element carbon
Occupies space and has mass
There are 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 elements in.....