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Louisiana History Final

A government ruled by a king/queen
A fee charged in order for African Americans to be able to vote
The current LA governor
The LA governor who fixed roads in LA and wanted to "share the wealth"
Future U.S. President who fought against the British in the Battle of New Orleans
The loss of land along the coast
Before the Civil War
The way land looks, waterways, elevation climate/weather
Cultural region that includes New Orleans and its surrounding cities
A government in which only a few wealthy powerful people rule
Cultural region of north LA, forest/lakes
U.S. President who sealed the deal on the LA Purchase from France
Tests that required African Americans to pass a written/reading test in order to be eligible to vote
Refugees from Acadia (in Canada) that immigrated to Southern LA
Claimed LA and the Mississippi River for France
Famous for Cajun music, language, food
The "rule" that said a citizen could vote only if their grandfather could legally vote before 1860
The study of people and how they live, work, and interact with each other and the land
Cultural region north of Baton Rouge full of old plantation homes
The current LA lieutenant governor
The LA governor from Beauregard Parish who created civil service tests to help end corruption in politics
The built-up sides of riverbank to prevent flooding
First explorer to explore LA; didn't claim any land
Where the river empties into a sea or gulf