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World History

An economic and social model which trades a place to live for your service to the King and Nobility
Racist legal system of South Africa
The Industrial Revolution led to the rise of this class of people, defined as those who worked but could afford to buy things
Germany was unified, in part, because of belief in this idea
The horrific journey that slaves took from Africa to the New World was known as the ________ Passage
This revolution marked the change from rule by Kings to people participating in the government
Observation and a willingness to try new things led to this "revolution"
This Archduke's assassination led to the start of WWI
These rules are the basis of Islam
This man commanded the first voyage to completely circle the earth
This man's "code" served as a model for the laws of Europe
Ruler of Middle Ages Europe whose empire covered much of modern day France and Germany
Author of "The Prince", a Renaissance-Era guide to Politics
This transfer of foods and animals was named after Columbus
This "ism" means to look back and appreciate the Ancient Romans and Greeks
This African leader was influential in the spread of Islam throughout the continent
Both Martin Luther and Henry VIII challenged the authority of this
This word means to forcibly spread out
A change in ideas in Europe brought about by new trading routes; means "rebirth"
Wrote the 95 Theses, an argument against the Catholic Church
Founder of Islam
This Island Nation in the Pacific Ocean was influenced by Chinese and Korean culture