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Animals From Around The World!

Mostly a pink and orange colored bird usually found standing on one leg, mainly found in South America and Africa.
Huge, usually white, bears found in the Arctic
This animal has black and white stripes, found in Africa
A beetle that eats the poo of other animals, found everywhere except Antarctica
Snake found throughout North and South America and can make a sound with its tail
The _____ crocodile, found in Egypt
Adult male is called a "silver back", found in the mountains of Africa
Has a black tongue and long neck, lives in Africa
The United States of America's national bird
Black and white bear, from China
Famous for making a "hood" around its head, native to India
This bird stands 4 feet tall, but don't expect him to take notes during your next meeting, from the Sahara Desert in Africa
Lives in Australia and has a pouch
"King of the Jungle," found in Africa