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Alaska Unit

Peninsula we'll go to after Denali
What you will be if you don't arrive at 4 am Wed.
Not a rapper; an arctic pine forest ecosystem
Chris Who Went Into the Wild
The reason there is a pipeline in AK
Number of days our trip will last
Latin for in the place of parents
Renowned Yukon Storyteller
What you will be if you do not pack wisely
The politically incorrect word for the Inuit People
Black, white, deadly
Number-one priority on this unit
Port city and site of disastrous oil spill
Arrival + departure city
Yummy, hard-fighting gamefish; essential part of AK's ecosystem
Man famous for his $7 million dollar "folly"
Critter and MN franchise
One-time "owner" of Alaska
Number of people on this unit, including chaperones
Apex predator
Our third chaperone
Where no big trees can grow
"The Great One," elev. over 20,000 feet
Why some people first came to AK