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JONAH and the BIG FISH (1)

What was Jonah not doing during the storm?
What did the sailors do to avoid throwing Jonah into the water?
Sent a great wind into the sea to cause a huge storm.
What state did the sailors find Jonah?
Mammal that swallowed a disobedient prophet.
City to which Jonah sailed.
The sailors feared that the ship might break apart and ______.
Jonah told the sailors to throm him into the___.
Great and most powerful city that Jonah tried to avoid.
Tje Book of Jonah was not full of these.
From whom did Jonah tell the sailors he was fleeing?
Sailors prayed this type of god.
One of the most ridiculed books by liberal scholars.
Thrown overboard to lighten the ship, but it failed to help.
Jonah's transportation to avoid God's assignment