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JONAH and the BIG FISH (2)

What happened to the raging sea once Jonah was thrown ooverboard?
How did Jonah identify himself?
What did the sailors show toward Jonah?
Why was Jonah in trouble?
What did the sailors recognize about Jonah's God?
What did the sailors show toward Jonah?
Whom did Jonah say he worshipped?
What did Jonah not want God to show the people of Nineveh?
Of what did Jonah acknowledge his God to be the Maker?
The sailors offered sacrifice and what to the Lord?
What did Jonah not have for the sailors and their great city?
What did the sailors do to find the guilty person responsible for causing the great storm?
How many days and nights was Jonahinside the fish?
Where was Jonah's God located?
To whom did the sailors eventually pray?