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Allows oil and water to mix or emulsify
An alpha hydroxyl used to exfoliate and lower ph
Having an attraction for
Can be mixed together to form a clear solution
An acid, Colorless liquid w/ white crystals used in permanent waves
Unstable physical mixture of 2 or more immiscible substances
An example of an emulsion
Stands for ph
Has a ph of 5.6
A stable physical mixture of 2 or more substances
Has a ph of 5
Dissolves the solute and makes solution
A lotion that is considered a suspension
Negative electrical charge
Known as a universal solvent
Special oil used in hair conditioners, less greasy
The first synthetic surfactants.
Known as bases
Unstable physical mixture of undissolved particles
Positive electrical charge
Sweet, colorless, oily substance
This carries an electrical charge
An ingredient that brings 2 incompatible materials together
The head of a surfactant molecule
Alkaline substance used to neutralize or raise the ph
Multiples of 10
These alcohols evaporate easily
Not capable of being mixed together
The separation of an atom or molecule
A physical mixture of one or more solids
Has a ph of 3 on scale
This measures 7 on the ph scale
Is dissolved into a solution