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American History

Ended world war1 between germany and the allied powers
Said any adult citizen who never was armed against the gov. they could claim 160 acres
Practice of segregation black people in the U.S.
War fought from 1914-1918 between allies and central powers
Secret society in southern u.s. that terrorizes other racial groups that aren't white
A war between citizens of the same country
Document that embodies fundamental laws and principles where u.s. is governed
Formal statement written by Thomas Jefferson declaring freedom of the 13 american colonies
U.s. supreme court case that uphelp the rights of states to pass laws allowing segregation etc in public schools
American abolitionist and spy for the u.s. army during american civil war
The first 10 amendments ratified and guaranteeing freedom of speech etc
Laws passed by southern states after the civil war that restricted African Americans
State of political hostility between soviet and u.s. led countries (1945-1990)
War between Britain and U.S. also considered the second american war for independence
War between spain and the U.S. in 1898
Allowed people in kansas and nebraska to determine whether or not slavery is allowed
International organization established after world war 1 to fix problems with the citizens and other countries
Gateway for over 12 million immigrants to the U.S.
War fought between u.s. and mexico from 1846-1848