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History Crossword Puzzle

Teacher: Emma Ruether
Rural women often played volunteer roles in _______.
Most white southerners shared similar ________ beliefs.
These people typically cooked, cleaned, and helped care for the planters children.
Planters greatly influenced the _________.
Owners of small farms.
Who lived in both rural and urban areas?
Free African Americans
Slaves worked as domestic ________.
Lucy Breckinridge died of typnoid ______.
Some yeomen held ______ but worked along side them.
The poorest of white southerners lived on land that couldn't grow ____ _____.
Vast majority of __________ ___________ in the south were enslaved.
_____ ___________ argued that God created some people to rule others.
These people held slaves or hired them from nearby plantations.
Yeomen took great _____ in slaves work.
_____ planters were concerned with raising crops and supervising slave laberors.
City ___________ built public water systems.
The typical farm averaged ___ ________ acres.
These people did much of the work in southern cities.
Many of the largest cities were in the _____.