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Where clouds are and storms form there.
When water in clouds comes
There white and puffy and weather forms in clouds.
Notes of weather changes.
Frozen water in a ball that falls from clouds.
A thermometer measures temperature in the air.
Shows direction of wind.
A balloon that has tools inside of it to measure weather.
Where somebody lives.
A hygrometer measures humidity.
Water that makes a big tornado and lasts a long time.
Huge storms that can do a lot of damage.
A star that makes heat.
Condition, mostly rain.
Frozen water/ snowflakes witch falls from clouds witch
Wind that spins and picks up many things.
Something that tells you how hot or cold a place is.
Where it is hottest on the earth.
Air moving.
Snow that builds up, and it is very cold.
Electricity that comes down from clouds.
Bits of water that are tiny.
a Barometer measures air pressure.
A person that studies weather.
Where clouds are but storms don't there.
A tool that tells you how much rain fell.
To be not hurt.
Condition like rain or snow.
Damp or moist.