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Bird Species

Large, intelligent, all black birds with hoarse, cawing voices.
Flame/orange and black with solid black head & one white bar on their black wings.
All blue, sings with cheerful gusto & looks like a scrap of sky with wings.
Bright red, with a black mask and throat and a large thick red bill.
Has a reddish-orange breast.
They are small sized birds overall. Usually having the crown of a head and throat patch distinctly darker than the rest of the body.
Generally they are small plump, brown-grey birds with short tail and stubby, powerful beaks.
These birds get their name from the sound their wings make when they fly.
Pale brown on head and chest, soft grey on the wings, pale yellow bellies, tail is grey with yellow tip.
Commonly white and seen as elegant birds.
Black and white with grey on the head and neck all have a white belly, the size of a large duck. (You loved the sound they made.)
They lay their eggs in the nests of other birds.
Bright red heads white underparts and black backs with large white patches on the wings.
It is predominately blue with a white chest.
White-breasted, grey blue on the back, frosty white face and underparts.
Most are small and inconspicuous except for their loud and complex songs.