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world history final study guide

Developed three laws of motion
United most of Europe in early middle ages
Highest legislature
Theory of social organization
Establishment of all peoples rights
Site of Islamic pilgrimage
God in Arabic
Serious bacterial infection spread by rats
English leader who took control of France after he returned from Egypt
English philosopher with major contributions to fields of epistemology
The migration to Mecca
Requirement that a person under arrest must be brought to the judge
Islams holiest city
Development of industries
3rd ____, 2nd____, 1st____
Instituted under Robespierres reign
War fought for religious beliefs
United all Frankish tribes to one
A forced fundamental guarantee of rights
Political theory derived from Karl Marx, all property is publicly owned
Association of craftsmen or merchants
Italian astronomer, physicist, engineer, philosopher, and mathematician
Holy book of Muslims
Fortess in paris that was stormed for supplies during french revolution
Islamic house of worship
Pilgrimage to Mecca