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To Kill a Mockingbird Review

Evidence that Tom Robinson couldn't have completed the crime was that his left ____ was useless.
The narrator is a young tomboy named ____.
Tom Robinson tells the truth on the stand but makes a mistake by saying he felt ____ for Mayella.
Who wrote To Kill a Mockingbird?
When the children couldn't find a seat in the courthouse they sat in the ____ section.
Atticus is a lawyer who is representing a black man named Tom Robinson on trial for _____.
Scout prevents her father from being attacked by a ____.
_____ Alexander comes to live with the Finch family because she thinks a Negro housekeeper is unfit to raise Scout.
Atticus points out a ____ was never called to examine Mayella.
Even though Mayella was lying, Atticus still shows her ____.
What is the fictional town in Alabama where the story takes place?
Dolphus Raymond pretends to be a _____ so he can hang around black people.