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JONAH and the BIG FISH (3)

What did the sailors have that Jonah did not?
Who sent a wind to cause the sea to heave?
Where did Jonah go to catch a ship?
What was Jonah's reaction to God's command?
What about God 's nature was shown when He sent the strong wind on the sea?
To what gods were the sailors praying?
Who eventually learned that Jonah's God was the True God?
To what city did Jonah go?
If Jonah truly feared God, what would he have done when given the command?
Why is God command Jonah to go to Nineveh?
How did Jonah refuse God's command?
To where does the great fish deliver Jonah after Jonah's prayer.
What did Jonah do after being swallowed by the great fish?
What did God send to discipline Jonah more?
What did the sea do after the sailors prayed to Yahweh?
What did God want the people of Nineveh to do?
Who did God command to go to Nineveh?
What did Jonah use as his mode of transportation?
What can harden our hearts and make us insensitive to others?