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JONAH and the BIG FISH (4)

What did God show by giving Jonahsecond chance?
What had the Assyrians exacted from Israel?
What had Jonah not changed about Nineveh?
Repeated by God to Jonah.
What did Jonah show o God after being given a second chance?
What happened to Ninevites after they prayed to God?
Jonah hated these people because they were a dominant world power?
What was God's concern over Jonah's concern?
What did the people of Nineveh when they heard their fate?
What was Jonah's reaction about the plant?
What was Jonah's reaction to the Ninevites repentance?
After Nineveh was not destroyed what did Jonah do?
What did Jonah feel for the Ninevites?
In how many days wuld it be before God destroyed Nineveh?
What else did the people of Nineveh do when they heard Jonah?
How did God respond the Ninevites prayers?
What did Jonah want todo after the plant withers?
How did Jonah react to Nineveh not being destroyed?
What did the people of Nineveh do after hearing Jonah?
What did this plant provide for Jonah?
What people had they defeated several times?
What did God cause to grow for Jonah?