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World History - Ch. 2

Ottoman policy where Christian boys were taken as slaves, converted to Islam and turned into warriors
An empire that existed from 1451-1566, whose first ruler was Osman.
A Shi'a warrior that led the Safavids to conquer what is now Iran.
He was able to use many cultural influences and reformed civilian and military life in the Safavid Empire
Central Asian Conqueror that interrupted the spread of the Ottoman Empire
Capital city of the Safavid Empire where artists from many cultures worked together.
A term for a warrior of Islam who belonged to a military society with a strict code of conduct.
An empire in India, where one of the first rulers was Babur.
He built the Taj Mahal in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal
He encouraged religious tolerance in the Mughal Empire and presided over a great cultural and artistic age. His name means greatest one.